Ordering FAQs


Q: I need help ordering. Can I place my order over the phone?

A: Unfortunately, I am not set up to take phoned-in orders. But if you have any questions, contact me and I will help any way I can.


Q: Can I change the colors of a design?

A: I try to offer a wide variety of designs to choose from but am not currently taking on any custom color requests. 


Q: What is your current production time?

A: My production times can vary from season to season (and even day to day). Correct production times can be found on my home page.


Q: Can my order be rushed?

A: Each item is hand-made to your customization and in the order they are received. I work hard to get each item out as soon as possible but I am not able to rush an order.


Q: Why isn't my coupon code working?

A: I offer several different types of coupon codes. Some are for specific times and even specific orders. If the coupon code you have doesn't work and hasn't expired, please contact me for help. 


Q: Can I combine coupon codes?

A: Sorry, only one coupon or promo code can be applied per order.


Q: What payment methods do you accept?

A: I accept all major credit cards. All prices are in US dollars.


Q: How do I contact you?

A: You can contact me here or by email at hello@willowgracestickers.com. Please don't contact me for support on Facebook or Instagram with service related questions. I don't regularly monitor those platforms.


Q: I have a problem with me order. What do I do?

A: Please contact me ASAP so we can work together to fix the problem.


Q: I thought I ordered something else or this isn't what I expected. Now what?

A: If you feel you received something other than what you ordered, please contact me right away so we can fix it. If the mistake is on my part, I will replace the item right away. However, if the item is what was ordered, I am unable to accept a return (please see my return policy here).