Product Information

All Stickers are kiss cut and ready to use - just peel and stick.

Planner inserts are printed on 60# premium weight paper and come punched for 6 ring A5 binders. 


Q: What happened to all the other layouts you used to offer?

A: I understand that change is hard but I want to focus on creating items that I love. Creating kits for so many different planners is SO much work and too much for one person. I decided to focus my attention and details on planners that I love and use. 


Q: What planner can I use with your stickers?

A: WG inserts, Hobonchi cousin planners (available on Amazon) and Sterling Ink's A5 common planners ( all work great with WG stickers. Other planner brands may also work.


Paper Options:

Matte Sticker Paper - this is my most popular option and what I use to create all my full kits/functional stickers with. It is a removable white sticker paper and works great for all pens/planners.

Vinyl Sticker Paper - this sticker paper is a durable waterproof matte vinyl material. This is thicker than the standard sticker paper I offer and creates a nice finish and more durability for projects. 

Clear Sticker Paper - this material is great for when you want to see through the background of the stickers and for layering. This material is permanent but not waterproof.

PLEASE NOTE: Colors may differ slightly due to monitor/screen settings.